Kate Faithfull Williams Stylist Live


When I’m not actually sleeping, I like talking about it. I’m a qualified health coach, and that strange person who finds public speaking exhilarating.

BBC Radio London invited me into the studio to talk to host Jo Good about night-time anxiety – you know, when you wake up at night with a spinning head and it takes forever to get back to sleep. Listen via iPlayer here.

My podcasts on sleep have reached over 10,000 people to date. Download my motherhood sleep deprivation discussion with Madeleine Shaw on her Get Your Glow Back podcast, my investigation of The Secrets of Sleep with Melissa Hemsley and listen to me chatting healthy sleep habits for not-so-healthy people on the New York podcast Dark Horse.

I’ve spoken on stage at Stylist Live, the 20,000-visitor event at Kensington Olympia, and hosted a panel on the health issues that unite us. Guess what? We all wish we got a bit more sleep.

I am regularly called on to run sleep workshops and corporate wellbeing events with Penguin and members clubs including E by Equinox, Twenty Two Training and One Alfred Place

To discuss a podcast, a workshop or to book me for an event, email me at Kate.Faithfull.Williams@gmail.com