Kate Faithfull-Williams


As a wellbeing editor, my work has been published in Stylist, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Grazia, Cosmopolitan and many more. I’m passionate about sleep, chilling out and relaxing. That sounds like I’m not into working hard. I promise I am – you can read examples of my work here.

Brand consultant

I help wellbeing brands engage their target audiences by creating compelling campaign strategies and writing addictive, zeitgeisty copy.  I develop the whole content lifecycle from pitch to publication, tailoring content to suit each platform – click here to find out more, or drop me a line at Kate.Faithfull.Williams@gmail.com


The Feelgood Plan Kate Faithfull Williams

My #1 Amazon bestseller, The Feelgood Plan, reveals how to be happier, healthier and slimmer in 15 minutes a day. Jennifer Lawrence wrote the forward, which was jolly nice of her. You know, the Oscar-winning actress. She called it, “A book with a wonderful message”. But what do you think? Check it out here.

I also ghostwrite wellbeing books for other authors, but if I told you who I’d have to kill you. Or they’d kill me. If you’d like to talk about ghostwriting for your client, email me in total discretion: kate.faithfull.williams@gmail.com 

Other important stuff

I have two children, an avocado farm and an insatiable appetite for peanut butter. I live in London and am that sucker who organises the street party.

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Portrait by Toby Lockerbie